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CoolTech Qatar was founded in 2009 as technical solution provider, the company provides  water treatment services that optimize the efficiency and maximize equipment life cycle, Cooltech Qatar serves a broad range of customers such as building owners, facility management, local authorities, industrial companies and many more.


Our Services

HVAC Systems Water Treatment

Water quality for HVAC systems shall minimize corrosion, scale build up,

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Industrial Chemicals

Cooltech Qatar is offering Water Desalination Chemicals, Specialty and Commodity Chemicals to prominent industrial companies in Qatar

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Water Chemical Treatments

Treating water used for cooling towers is important part of the operations process in many industries.

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Mechanical Services

Our experience engineers assess projects specifications then suggest best suitable design

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Chemicals Dosing Systems

Cooltech is a distributor of leading brands of chemicals dosing systems, the dosing skid is mainly used for the treatment

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Disinfection of Potable Water

The main objective of disinfection of potable water is the elimination of the pathogens

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Laboratory services

CoolTech offers a wide range of cooling water, waste water and potable water testing and analysis services,

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Filtration Equipment

Cooltech offers variety of filtration systems: Side stream units equipped with disc filter.Chlorine dosing equipment.

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What People Say


Their knowledge and value added services truly benefit the client!

Anna Fry

I have found Saturn to be a professional and dynamic group; it is a pleasure to do business with them.

Parker Robin

They are highly professional and work to find the best solutions for their clients

Jordan Ray

They are focused, interactive and professional. We find them to be true partners!

Isabelle Keith

I truly enjoy them as people also, which makes for a strong relationship that I hope will continue to grow.

Martin Doc

Our Partners

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Amanda Seyfried

Head of Innovation

Ethan Thomas

Customer Relations

Donald Simpson

Head of Operations

Jeff Green

Managing Director

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The mechanics of industry is easy. The real engine is the people :

“Their motivation and direction.”

Ken Gilbert